We develop businesses by creating the best solutions for e-commerce.

We are a team of experts who strive to improve our clients' businesses every day with the use of technology.

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We redefine e-commerce and help to scale our clients' businesses.

We are a team of experts who strive to improve our clients' businesses every day with the use of technology. Together, we look for new solutions, as well as we create, develop and implement great ideas. In such a way, we have earned the leader status in the e-commerce industry in Poland.

We specialise in ERP systems implementation as well as the construction and development of online stores. We offer 8 advanced products that technologically follow the latest global trends. They are functional, intuitive and graphically attractive. Our original solutions have been awarded at prestigious industry competitions. We achieve success due to many years of experience and high specialization of our staff.

We were awarded ekomers 2017

The most important award in the e-commerce industry

We were granted first place in category “Solution supporting e-business management”

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Our values

We are IT company that is constantly changing to provide the best solutions. However, our principles have remained the same over the years. They define the course of our action and identity.

  • Client communication

    We like to talk! It is because of frank discussion that we can achieve mutual and consistent conclusions. A matter-of-fact conversation shortens the implementation time of any project.

  • User is the most important

    The best e-commerce solutions are those that make your work easier and are user-friendly. This is how the right product works. Let suggestions in, we care about mutual success!

  • Quality

    We put 100% of us into project. We focus on quality, not rush. We work to achieve the goal and are proud of the work done.

  • Simplicity above all

    The best solutions are simple. Our goal is to provide better services and make your work easier.

  • We look into the future

    We know no boundaries. We look into the future with courage and create innovative solutions.

  • This is our passion

    It is definitely a passion and, at the same time, job that we respect to every day. We set ourselves ambitious goals and support each other in achieving them.

  • We act honestly

    We actively participate in project at its every stage. We are committed partner. Thanks to this, we achieve the best results together.

  • Involvement

    Aktywnie uczestniczymy w projekcie, na każdym z jego etapów. Jesteśmy zaangażowanym partnerem. Dzięki temu razem osiągamy najlepsze rezultaty.

How we do it

We focus on improving and developing our clients' businesses. By using technology, we help to solve problems, improve customer service, increase work efficiency and maximise online store conversions. We represent effective, action-oriented approach. Our experts work closely with the brand at every step to achieve defined goals. In that we reach high work efficiency.

  • Getting to know each other

    It is a thorough interview and needs recognition. The first stage concludes with the analysis and the final report containing definition of the assumed goals.

  • Idea

    Time for golden mean - creating a patent that will combine goal with accuracy. There are always a lot of ideas. Therefore, this is the most difficult and key stage that has a direct impact on the success of the project.

  • Analysis

    This is the stage where we verify the idea. Analysis, test, observation and diagnosis. The motto is "what will be the most effective?"

  • Creation

    The idea becomes reality. Work in this phase is strictly carried out accordingly to the documentation. There is no room for the slightest error.

  • Tests and Implementation

    We begin detailed testing, checking components and overall project. We won’t miss even the slightest error. We hand over the project to client.

  • Success

    We celebrate it together with client. This is the stage of satisfaction and reward. The proof of our achievements is visible via continuous cooperation with clients and their numerous recommendations.

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