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Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker is at the forefront of food brands. Their articles are appreciated by consumers all over the world. This is the result of over a hundred years of trustworthy company activity and their care for customer relations.

Dr. Oetker

Aim of the project

The main goal of the project was to carry out a full redesign of the online store on PrestaShop to adapt it to the current trends and standards of the mail order industry. We wanted to create a platform that would be convenient for both its buyers and managers.


Our task was to analyse the already built Dr. Oetker store, propose a change in the information architecture and prepare a new store layout in line with the client’s requirements. The new online shop was to be modern, representative, and inspire the use of Dr. Oetker products.

Course of action

  • Project start

    Conducting the audit and proposing new solutions. Initial talks about the redesign of the entire online store.

  • Competition analysis

    Collecting data on the operation, appearance, and usability of competing websites.

  • Functional Prototype

    Creating a test and preview version of the website and analysing the needs.

  • Improving functionality

    Adaptation of new modules to the needs of the website for a better user experience.

  • Usability tests

    Checking the website in terms of UX and new functionalities introduced to the store.

  • Store launch

    Implementation of the final and ready version of the website for public use.

A thorough audit of the store

We started our work with an audit. First, we conducted a detailed review of the store and activities outside of it. Thanks to this, we could establish an accurate action plan knowing the problems faced by the client. Having specific knowledge in this subject, we started working and successively introduced innovative solutions.

Work on the e-commerce platform

Dr. Oetker brand conducts activities on a large scale, not only in the country but also abroad. Every day, the company’s online store has to deal with hundreds of orders. That is why we decided to introduce solutions tailored to individual requirements, based on business analysis of customer goals and needs.

For the offer to be presented transparently, all categories of goods received a unique description, which facilitated navigation for new users and streamlined the purchasing process. Uncomplicated website structure made it easier for customers to navigate through the platform, accelerated product browsing, and offers comparison smoothed management of the cart and orders. Appropriate positioning of goods is supported by an accessible search engine, which places products concerning many attributes specified by the user. All this affects the comfort of shopping from home and, most of all, it is a guarantee of reliable order fulfillment.

New graphic design

Our task was to design and implement a new graphic design on the PrestaShop platform. A thorough UX analysis showed that the previous store layout was unintuitive, which significantly reduced the sale of products. A fresh idea to improve the attractiveness of the portal was the use of an interactive slider – moving photos that redirect to subpages with detailed information and present current promotions or additional materials placed in the store. As a result, new and old users do not have to search the domain for specific data, and it also increases the comfort of exploring the store. As a result of our activities, a completely new online store was created, referring with its colours to the character of the brand.

UX optimisation

After upgrading the technical aspect of the website, we worked on its visual layout to improve the entire user experience. One of the main goals was to unify the store and ensure greater reach, better visibility, and a higher SEO rate.

We increased the intuitiveness and transparency of the website, and we integrated it in terms of colour and functionality, but the main assumption was to use solutions in the field of RWD. Such measures affect the correct display of the website on any type of device, as well as facilitate the administrative work related to a website running. These also significantly reduce the cost of store maintenance, and above all, make the website less resource-consuming.

Improving the mobile version of the online store

Due to the growing number of internet users, who make purchases more often via mobile devices, we have undertaken the necessary work to improve the appearance of the online store in the mobile version. As a result, the bounce rate of users from mobile traffic decreased significantly, which also translated into better brand reception and an increase in purchases.

Functional development

As part of the cooperation, we made various types of improvements to the existing functionalities. One of them was the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter from the position of the shopping cart, which meant that there was no need to return to the home page to become its subscriber.

As a result of the growing demand for printing information about a specific product, at the level of the product card in the online store, we added a button that allows a customer to receive all information about the article in a paper version. We also developed the appearance of this printout.


Dr. Oetker stands out from e-commerce primarily in terms of functionality and transparency. The website is customer-friendly at every stage – from the first visit through the purchasing process to placing an order. In a short time, we developed a style for a brand presence on the Polish market as well as abroad. An attractive website that emphasises all the best features of the Dr. Oetker brand is the result of hard and precise work is. We have delivered an optimised online store, bringing the company to a completely new e-commerce level.

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