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KUBENZ is a Polish brand with a long tradition, whose collections are based on global inspirations and fashion trends, with a view to those who prefer classic styling, as well as for men seeking casual, informal solutions. KUBENZ is an expression of class and style dedicated to the modern, dynamic man, regardless of his age or profession. The KUBENZ collection includes elegant suits, casual jackets, fashionable jackets and coats, shirts, sweaters, pants, shoes, as well as accessories such as belts, ties and cufflinks.



Before we started our cooperation, the KUBENZ brand already had an online store on the Magento platform. Our task was to develop the store by improving individual functionalities, to increase online sales.


Our activities include ongoing consulting, as well as comprehensive maintenance, and development of a Magento 2 online store.

Scope of actions that are worth mentioning

Implementation of MSI –
multisource inventory

One of the first solutions introduced was the implementation of crosscheck stock synchronization between individual stores and online store. This has significantly improved inventory management. From now on, the customer does not have to manually make changes and control each store’s stock. This kind of automation saves time and makes it possible to provide consumers with real-time information on product availability.

Integrations – essential for online sales

To improve inventory management, we integrated it with the ERP system. In addition, we enhanced shipping forms by improving the InPost courier integration by updating the necessary modules. Also, we implemented DHL courier solutions.

Attractiveness of the e-shop

One of the key factors was to implement featured products on the main page in the form of sliders. This feature allows customers to select and purchase products without the need of searching for them through categories. Depending on the changing offer, the client has an unlimited possibility to change the graphics displayed on the sliders and inform consumers about new promotions or collections.

Intuitive shopping experience

Consumers appreciate promotions – especially if they are attractively displayed. Following the trends of the modern online store, we designed and introduced promotional and marketing elements in the KUBENZ brand e-store. It is easy to locate products at a special price or, for example, covered by a 2+1 promotion. The use of labels increases the attractiveness of the store, but also makes shopping easier. Consumers are well aware of which products are included in the promotion. In addition, thanks to the use of dedicated colors, they unerringly find the clothing covered by a specific discount.

Ease of promotion managing

Promotions can include all products in the group or selected items. Now, setting promotional activities, the client has full freedom to labeling descriptions and pair them with a selection of colors.

What’s more, it is possible to set colors in the menu, which allows consumers to shop intuitively in specific groups of products. For example, the blue color of the label distinguishes polo shirts, included in the promotion of 3 pieces for 139,99 USD.

Efficient filtering – to shop faster

When you’re looking for a specific product, there’s no faster or shorter way than a search engine. Of course, under the condition that the software used for finding information works flawlessly. A search engine is an extremely important part of any online store. The product filtering engine used in the KUBENZ store – elasticsearch – was proven unstable. Having this in mind, we solved this problem by increasing the stability of this tool. Currently, it is very easy for users to find the product they are looking for.


Resolving current issues and implementing new features, such as synchronization with inventory at individual outlets, a greater selection of courier / shipping companies, and increased stability of elasticsearch, has helped to boost conversions in the online store. In addition, easier, intuitive shopping in an attractive store, thanks to highlighted promotions and the prominence of products on the homepage, has had a real impact on increasing sales.

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