We specialise in the implementation and maintenance of online stores based on Magento, Magento 2 and PrestaShop platforms. We know everything about e-commerce!

E-commerce agency

We know more about online stores than anyone else. Our company’s motto is efficiency. Because we believe in perfect designs, we strive for perfection. We understand how to use the tools at our disposal. We excel at it, which is why we design and build online stores. IDEA commerce is an interactive e-commerce agency founded by experienced graphic designers, programmers, and webmasters who are eager to reach new heights. Our projects are the result of a combination of knowledge and passion – and we are proud of everything we do.

Premium Support, which we provide, is the most cost-effective investment in the development of an online store.

Companies can use the Internet to reach customers more easily and quickly, make more effective online sales, and exchange information more efficiently between different departments within the company and with business partners. However, the proper system is required for each of these processes to run quickly and efficiently. Its construction should be entrusted to IDEA commerce specialists with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Our interactive agency is a group of e-commerce experts who specialize in the development of online stores and ERP systems. The experience, knowledge, and passion that we share with our clients while performing the tasks that they have commissioned is a guarantee of flawless solutions.

We create and manage online stores on the Magento and PrestaShop platforms, tailoring them to our clients’ specific requirements.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers and take your online store to the next level with us.

Technologies we use

In our daily work, we use technology compatible with global trends. We use proven and safe solutions that help us create and build innovative products that meet the requirements of the e-commerce market. One of them is IDEAerp system that automates the sales process of your online store.

You can put your trust in us as we’re Magento-certified developers.

Our team consists of highly specialized, experienced professionals. Through our hard work, we have achieved the status of a leader in the e-commerce industry. Hundreds of companies have trusted us, including well-known and valued brands. Our original solutions have been noticed and awarded in e-commerce contests. Work is our passion where we set ambitious goals every day. You can trust us. We use technology to successfully develop our clients’ businesses.

What makes us unique?

  • Over 300 happy clients

  • Around 10 500 000 lines of code

  • Immediate response from Support Premium

  • Certified

  • Only the latest

  • You can count on us 24/7

Magento is our primary solution

There’s a reason Magento is one of the most popular sales platforms. It offers solutions that will meet the needs of the most demanding sellers. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to have an online store with a lot of functionality and the ability to sell multiple products. But why should you bet on Magento? It is a very versatile platform that will work well for selling any type of assortment. Adding a new module to the store is not a problem.

We can customize the appearance and functionality of the e-commerce store to meet our specific requirements. Magento is also extremely stable, both on the client and administrator sides. It ensures the store’s availability and continuity of operation. As a result, we can guarantee customer availability. A Magento online store allows you to conduct both B2B and B2C sales in one location. We don’t have to worry about the extra costs that come with running different stores for different types of customers. The Magento platform is constantly being developed, ensuring that it stays current with trends and updates.

Owners of e-commerce stores that use this technology can be confident that they will not fall behind the competition in such a fast-paced industry.

Outsourcing Magento

Are you planning to set up your own online store on the Magento platform, but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re looking for specialists who’ll take care of the technical side of your shop? Take advantage of our Magento outsourcing offer, thanks to which your online store will become a stable selling platform. Professional performance of the e-commerce platform ensures that it is experts who are responsible for the efficiency and security of your online store. Our team has many years of experience in designing and implementing new stores on Magento, as well as configuring and updating existing ones.

E-commerce solutions tailored to your requirements

It makes no difference whether your store’s primary customers are retailers or wholesalers. Any type of business can benefit from a Magento online store. A single engine can handle both B2C and B2B sales. It is possible to tailor the appearance and features of the e-commerce store to the type of customer who only visits our website. This is an excellent solution for companies looking to diversify their customer base.

Our pre-made templates

Choose tried-and-true solutions. Use one of the templates created ahead of time by professionals. Each of them has desktop and mobile versions. Each template can be tailored to your specific requirements and expectations. The modularity of the ready-made solution allows for unlimited expansion. In the midst of fierce competition, a store that stands out through its appearance is more likely to be remembered by potential customers.

Online stores

Trust experienced web designers and e-commerce programmers who create online stores on a daily basis. IDEA07 is an interactive agency that will assist you in developing an appealing online sales platform for your customers. Contact us to arrange a meeting via online or in Warsaw, Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Poznan, or any other city. We will go over the details of the entire project, such as whether the online store should use Magento or PrestaShop software, how you envision the design of your online store, and what the costs of our work will be. You can appoint the creation process to us. Enjoy solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs.

PrestaShop online stores

One of the most popular platforms an online store can run on is PrestaShop. The advanced capabilities of this free e-commerce solution have been recognized by many companies. Why? Because of the possibility to build an entire online sales system from scratch. Great advantage of the PrestaShop store is also its efficiency, extensive functionalities in the field of product presentation, possibility to launch promotional campaigns and analytics. The price of the online store on PrestaShop depends on individual requirements. Therefore, the price list isn’t set in advance, but arranged with each client separately. However, such a free tool as PrestaShop is significantly reduces the costs of starting an online business.

Comprehensive service at our agency

Our e-commerce agency’s other services are an excellent complement to the stores we build. Integration of IDEAshopbox and IDEAerp is a solution that allows for more efficient sales management. We have information from all sources of sales in one place, including data from Allegro and Amazon, in addition to the online store. Managing sales in a centralized location and automating them saves time and resources. If you care about the store’s high performance and stability, you should consider using external hosting.

IDEAcloud offers the highest level of hosting services. It ensures the online store’s stability even when traffic spikes dramatically. Another advantage is that all data is stored in the cloud, allowing for quick access. The Magento platform is ideal for all types of integrations; the abundance of available modules allows an e-commerce store to function and look exactly how we want it to. Nothing prevents you from adding more features. It is a very effective and efficient solution.

Case Study

Learn about our implementations through examples. Selected case studies demonstrate the challenges of implementing a Magento store and how we overcame them. There, we present the entire process of starting an online store from scratch, as well as cases where it was transferred from another platform.

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