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We handle your store’s security and speed. You can rely on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we guarantee an unlimited monthly transfer. You don’t have to worry about unexpected high-traffic issues when you work with us.

Are you looking for the best eCommerce hosting provider for you online store? Meet IDEAcloud!

Choose dedicated eCommerce hosting! Dedicated servers and hosting are the most important element of the puzzle for your store or website. Without the implementation of appropriate hosting infrastructure, stores have no chance of surviving increased traffic, which can result in the inability to make purchases and can permanently discourage customers from your eCommerce business. Many e-shops underestimate the hosting issue and do not anticipate an increase in interest and do not choose a provider in terms of e-commerce. An important issue is securing the data of your customers and an SSL certificate, which directly affects the increase of consumer trust. With this in mind, we offer specialized IDEAcloud dedicated eCommerce hosting plans.

Best eCommerce hosting provider for PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress, Shopware and many others!

There are many hosting providers for online businesses. Let’s be clear, whether you want to start an online store or you are already selling, you should choose a hosting solution that will provide the highest possible scalability for your eCommerce store. Remember that over time, online store activities may generate an increasing number of customers, which poses greater challenges to the server infrastructure itself. It affects the functioning of the store and the shopping experiences of the visitor himself. As a trusted hosting provider, IDEAcloud is tailored solutions for both small, medium and large companies to give you the best type of hosting you need to host your online store.

Hosting service with e-commerce in mind

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner or run a corporation. We provide proven solutions for the e-commerce market based on advanced machines, innovative technology and the security for your online store and your customers. Our server solutions guarantee stable operation of sales platforms. The professional team continuously analyzes data and monitors e-commerce hosting security. This provides an immediate response to unusual events. IDEAcloud servers are the best place for your online store.

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What is good hosting option for an online store and how to choose the best?

When choosing a hosting option or simply buying hosting for an eCommerce website, you need to pay attention to a number of key functionalities that can effectively provide a solid infrastructure. Best web hosting for an online store starts with stability, as even a few hours of downtime can generate losses of thousands for many e-businesses! That’s why it’s important to choose a provider offering high SLA (availability). Another important aspect is the flexibility of hosting for all sales platforms. The website builder or eccomerce platform doesn’t affect the hosting platform itself. Even if you plan to change engine, for example from Woocommerce to Magento, you need to be sure that your hosting provider will be able to support it (due to the required version of PHP or MySQL).

Why choose IDEAcloud hosting?

As a provider that comprehensively supports and provides server solutions for hundreds of eCommerce sites across the country, our goal is to implement only the best and most proven solutions. Among these are:

  • Dedicated e-commerce

    Load Balancing technology, IDEAcloud MPU or VPS hosting – are just some of the proven solutions we have in our cloud solutions. This gives you the certainty that your store will not stop working even during periods of intense customer visits, providing flexibility.

  • Security of you and your customer

    Data and transaction security is currently the most demanded aspect not only for the customer but also for every website / online store. With advanced security systems from IDEAcloud, you can protect your store from hacking attacks or uncontrolled data leaks. What’s more, with a guaranteed SSL certificate, you will authenticate your e-commerce for the customer and search engines.

  • Machines

    IDEAcloud choice means above all fast and stable server machines based on fast processors (around 4GHz), RAM memory, and fast NVMe disks. All these parameters are designed to process large amounts of database as efficiently as possible as well as store the necessary backups of your eccomerce platform.

  • 24/7 Support + DevOps

    We provide customer-focused services, so you can count on 24/7 support, administration, and assistance with any issues involving our servers, including VPS.

  • Administration

    We provide each IDEAcloud user with a server administrative panel. This allows you to manage your cloud, having access to email boxes in your domain, files, storage space, and overall impact on machine configuration.

  • Backups

    Operating a store without a backup during an outage is a recipe for disaster, so in IDEAcloud we provide regular backup generation and data that allow you to secure your databases, including sales and order data.

FAQs about eCommerce hosting

  • I’m starting my e-commerce adventure, is IDEAcloud for me?

    If you are preparing to launch your online store, you’ve probably researched different hosting providers. Each of the store owners, even the beginners, must choose a host and face one of the most important questions – how to choose a host for an online shop that will guarantee the best performance? To find the best eCommerce hosting solution, it’s wise to look for the one that is carefully optimized for eCommerce business. If you’re looking for hosting package, at IDEA commerce we are well aware of the challenges that await anyone who wants to start selling online – that’s why we always implement solutions tailored to your business.

  • What is hosting?

    Hosting is a service that provides server resources (space) on the Internet to allow access to its content to others. The term hosting refers to the space that is always accessible online, constitutes a dedicated server space, enables online sharing of certain resources, such as space for websites, files, email.

  • Is cloud hosting secure?

    Every hosting should provide the highest level of security for databases, customer data, or backup copies. In IDEAcloud, every user is protected by a range of proven solutions with which we secure hundreds of eCommerce platforms in Poland.

  • Does IDEAcloud have a transfer limit?

    No. One of the many advantages of IDEAcloud is unlimited transfer! This way you can be sure that you can post and transfer the necessary files and data without worry! Hosting with unlimited bandwidth let work your online store as quickly as possible.

  • Does IDEAcloud have shared hosting plan?

    If you don’t know what is better to manage your online store: shared or vps hosting, we’d be happy to help! We always help in choosing proven solutions for each business. Our individual approach to each activity is what sets us apart.

  • Can hosting impact the popularity of a shop?

    When choosing web hosting, you should not only focus on popularity. Hosting can directly impact the user experience for everyone visiting your shop, such as loading speed or SSL security, which increase customer trust and search engines (including Google).

  • What is the disk space GB limit?

    The amount of data space is one of the important aspects when choosing hosting for an online store. In IDEA cloud, we individually verify and consult a specified amount of space in such a way as to ensure uninterrupted access to the hosting service. This way you don’t have to worry about the necessary server resources – even with a large number of processes, data, and the growth of your online store.

  • Can I set up company e-mail accounts with a domain when choosing IDEAcloud?

    Yes! Thanks to proper SMTP configuration, you can be sure that every message from your domain’s e-mail address will reach the recipient!

  • Can I use the server for other domains?

    Depending on the requirements and challenges of your business – we are here to help you choose the best solutions. That’s why we adjust all technical issues individually.

  • Does IDEAcloud have VPS?

    This is one of the alternatives to shared hosting. We always help to determine the hosting infrastructure needs individually!

  • I have hosting that’s not met my needs. How long will it take to transfer hosting to IDEAcloud? 

    The transfer time depends on many important factors, including purely technical ones. What matters is, for example, where your current web hosting service is located (eg. WordPress hosting). Technical details differ amount hosting companies. That’s why we consult and coordinate work beforehand for each hosting service transfer, to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Which hosting is best for business website?

    The best hosting for a business website depends on various factors like traffic, budget, security, and scalability. Some popular options include: cloud hosting (for scalability with high traffic and storage), VPS (for dedicated environment and higher security), and dedicated hosting (for exclusive server use and heavy traffic). The best choice will depend on your specific needs and budget.

  • Which e-commerce platform is the best?

    The best web hosting platform depends on budget, business size, desired features and technical expertise. Popular options include: Shopify (for small and medium businesses), WooCommerce (for small and medium businesses), Magento (for large businesses with complex requirements), and BigCommerce (for businesses of all sizes with rich features). Moreover, it’s wise to see if there’re any extras available. For example, while free domain is rare, it might be quite common to get free SSL certificate. Research and compare products and services online. To choose tom eCommerce hosting company, consider consulting with a specialist or IT pro.

  • What are the 3 types of web hosting?

    Shared hosting, where multiple websites share a server and its resources, is the most budget-friendly option for small websites. Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting solution) is where a virtual machine is created on a physical server, offers more resources and control compared to shared hosting. Dedicated hosting, where a website has its own physical server, provides the most resources and control, but also comes with the highest cost. The best kind of hosting for you will depend on the size and needs of your website. It’s recommended to research and compare different options and seek advice from a web hosting expert or IT professional, if needed.

  • Which type of hosting is best for beginners?

    If you’re looking for the best eCommerce hosting offers, you should consider what’s the most usefull for your eCommerce web page. For those new to website hosting, shared web hosting is often the best choice. It’s affordable and user-friendly, making it an ideal option for small websites with lower traffic. With shared hosting, multiple websites share the same server and resources, keeping costs low. Additionally, shared hosting often comes with an easy-to-use control panel and simple setup process, making it a great choice for beginners. However, if you plan to start an online store using a dedicated CMS, it may be worth considering other hosting options for better stability and scalability.

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