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We care about the safety and performance of your store. You can count on us 24/7. We guarantee unlimited monthly transfer. With us, you don't have to worry about sudden traffic changes.

IDEAcloud - tailor-made hosting for Magento and PrestaShop

IDEAcloud was created thanks to our long experience in building and supporting Magento online shops. Hosting service is dedicated for Magento and PrestShop platforms. It is reliable solution for online stores, used by best brands all around the world. Effective server infrastructure, created for the best Magento hosting performance, ensures smooth operation of your e-commerce. Our server solution guarantees stable functioning of sales platforms. Team of professionals continuously analyses data and monitors the security of e-commerce hosting. This allows you to provide immediate reaction to any potential unusual events. IDEAcloud servers are the best place for your store. Order a customised quote.

Magento hosting designed for e-commerce

IDEAcloud is tailor-made hosting for e-commerce. It guarantees safety and smooth operation of your sales platform. Because the solution is based containers for databases and applications, that is machines with a swift processor within the limits of nearly 4GHz. We provide processing a lot of data in the blink of an eye. The machines we use are equipped with NVMe disks. With Magento dedicated hosting, you’ll achieve better results in your e-commerce.

Scalable and fast hosting

Our original solution, based on MPU IDEA commerce, guarantees high efficiency. Load Balancing technology enables store scalability. With our hosting, you don’t have to worry about sudden traffic increase on your Magento store. We process all data in real time. In addition, we monitor network traffic in your store using dedicated tools.

Reliable hosting for online shop

We ensure high data security, which is supervised by team of professional engineers. We protect your store against hacking attacks with the help of advanced firewall network filters. In IDEAcloud we customise the solution for your e-commerce needs. For fixed monthly fee, you get access to reliable and fast servers.

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  • What is Magento hosting?

    IDEAcloud is tailor-made hosting for Magento. Designed to ensure faster operation of the store, regardless of the number of products or the page visits.

  • What is PrestaShop hosting?

    PrestaShop hosting is everything you need when selling online.

  • Which web hosting should you choose?

    When choosing hosting for online store, you should pay attention to efficiency – the speed of operation. You can’t let your store load slowly. Also, remember about safety and reliability. All of these are provided by IDEAcloud.

  • For what period do I have to sign the agreement?

    The hosting agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.

  • Is there a backup?

    Yes, we do backups every day. For better security, we keep the backup in two independent places. This ensures there are no problems with online store and potential data loss. W ecan restore the latest version of the store with just one click.

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