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IDEAerp is probably the most innovative cloud-based ERP system for the e-commerce industry in Poland.

CRM and ERP systems provide new opportunities for your business

The ERP system is integrated software used for the comprehensive management of business processes in your company. Web ERP systems take an active part in improving the weak flow of information, which is the most common reason for inhibiting business activities. It automates complex sales processes, eliminating human error and shortening the crucial time of customer service.

The ERP system presents all the data clearly in one place. At the same time, it eliminates performing the same activities by several employees. Implementation of ERP system leads to using just one advanced program instead of several programs to support companies. Thanks to the ERP system, you can complete an order with a contractor, check your inventory, carry out a marketing campaign and plan commercial activities. Besides, the system remembers and tracks everything for you. It helps in locating inefficient employees and plays the role of the right hand in making quick and important decisions.

You can view last month's report, sales results, and analysis from anywhere in the world. Our ERP systems are products that combine current trends and the latest technology based on the experience of our team. It is also the result of close cooperation with clients and the solid practice of our programmers in the field of business. A characteristic feature of our ERP system is its flexibility in the strict adaptation of functions to the requirements and specificity of each enterprise. Thanks to the advanced technology, it is possible to adjust and dedicate every detail of the program to the needs of your company.

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We won the ekomers 2017

The most important ecommerce award

We won first place in the category of "E-business management support solution"

ERP system designed and made by professionals

What distinguishes our ERP system is its practicality, which adjusts its usability to all the needs arising in the company. The hints that the program offers to help manage business affairs apply to each department. Our application has the latest IT improvements, which translates to fast, accurate, and error-free operation. Achieving such high efficiency was possible due to the knowledge and skills of the best professionals. This applies both to devising all the useful functions that the program should be equipped with, as well as their professional implementation. The first aspect was taken care of by experienced specialists who perfectly know the realities of managing business, warehouse, and production relations. In turn, the implementation of theoretical assumptions was possible thanks to the skills of the best programmers. It resulted in the fact that the offered ERP system is error-free, performs detailed analyses, suggests optimal solutions, and significantly improves the control and administration of all activities related to a given plant.

Efficient work in real-time thanks to the ERP system

Collecting data that enables complete analysis of the company's performance and integrating all areas related to it is not the only benefit of implementing our ERP system. The great advantage of the application is real-time work control, which significantly increases business efficiency, indicates errors and weaknesses, helps to eliminate downtime, and implements optimal solutions. This is possible due to the modular nature of the program. The full integrity of all departments of the company allows for their quick cooperation, smooth interchangeability of overlapping information, analysing both previous and current data as well as prompting and making the most beneficial moves. The ERP system, therefore, monitors ongoing activities, which is the basis for diagnosing inefficient activities. The possibility of running the application in real-time reduces losses and aims to costs optimisation and increases profits generated by individual departments of the company.

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  • Unlimited number of profiles

    work with the whole team without any obstacles

  • Low monthly cost

    saving money

  • Permanent subscription fee includes

    bug fixes, technical support, and updates

  • Cloud solution

    efficient servers in the cloud

  • Easy and fast implementation

    employees learn fast and effectively how to use system

  • Modern technology

    we use fast and efficient programming languages

Run your business comfortably. Mobility thanks to web ERP.

We have built a mobile version of our ERP system. It is a part of the system located directly on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the application, it is possible to control the company on an ongoing basis directly from the phone. You can download the application for free from the App Store or Google Play. The installation process is very easy.

Web ERP will help you to save up to 70% of time and increase sales thanks to the integration with multiple channels: Allegro, eBay, and online stores.

Exactly! The ERP system can be directly integrated with Allegro, eBay, Amazon, IAI, Magento, or even PrestaShop. The built-in mechanisms of the application fully support such activities as accepting an inquiry, registering a payment, issuing an invoice, or ordering a courier. These actions are carried out automatically! Also, the system informs Allegro users about the current stock levels of a given product or the status of a given order.

Integration of the ERP system with fiscal printers and a courier system.

The possibility of connecting a fiscal device to the system seals the cashflow and prevents potential illegal operations by a dishonest employee. Also, automatic printing reduces the time of sale by minimising the steps of generating a receipt to one click. The ERP system supports all fiscal printers available on the Polish market. To complete the sales process, the ERP system is equipped with an automatic connection to the couriers and their ordering system. Sending and addressing the package takes place automatically after printing the invoice or receipt.

Check the sales module.

It automates the sales process in the online store. All the most important actions, such as issuing an invoice or calling a courier happen on their own. And you gain time for what is important. See how much you can gain by choosing a sales module.

Integration with data collectors, code readers, and QR codes.

This is an important function for the warehouse department or the direct sale of goods. The ability to connect external readers to the ERP system is a convenience in such activities as counting stocks, inventories, internal/external releases, or warehouse transfers. The use of readers prevents mistakes and, most importantly, shortens the time of each operation related to the goods. All this is possible thanks to full integration with data collectors - all you need is a phone or a collector with Android or IOS system.

Fast packing - Stock Issue Confirmation module.

Pack quickly and efficiently. The Stock Issue Confirmation module is equipped with the function of using a barcode reader / QR / data collector, which, after use, recognises the product and the detailed data of its sales order. The Stock Issue Confirmation module allows you to verify the quality of the goods according to the displayed product photo and generally accepted standards. After verifying the goods, the courier's receipt and bill of lading are printed, and an e-mail is sent to the customer with information that the order has left the main warehouse. Defect products automatically go to the defect warehouse.

Stay up to date with contractors - B2B application in the web and mobile version

We have created an additional external B2B customer panel, directly connected to the sales module, warehouse, and ERP accounting. Thanks to the B2B panel, customers have constant access to the information about your products and services - they can browse the product index, check the current availability of products and their prices, check the shipment status or their settlements and trade limits. In addition, in the panel, the user can view the history of their purchases, print a VAT invoice, check the cart or the most frequently purchased products. Thanks to the B2B panel directly connected to IDEAerp, your company can sell even when its office is closed. You, on the other hand, can manage the content of the client's dashboard - this way you decide what information you share with him. We also thought about traders in the field - we have prepared a special mobile application, thanks to which they will be able to fulfill orders with customers even when there is no coverage.

Talk, chat, plan. Voice chat system.

This is the newest feature of the ERP system. Thanks to it, it is possible to start a chat, i.e., a written conversation conducted in real time between employees. An external user (e.g., a client) who does not have everyday access to the ERP system may join the conversation. Additionally, it is possible to convert the chat into a voice call.

Your company is under control wherever you are.

The need to check the customer's contact, the purchase/sale price of the goods, or the current status of the implemented project arises unexpectedly. To give an immediate answer or to make a decision that is crucial at the moment, you need access to information. Every second is important. After all, time is money! You have access to all the information in less than 4 seconds from ANYWHERE in the world. All you need is any kind of device connected to the Internet or an application installed on your phone.

Expand the ERP system for your business.

Thanks to the flexible structure of the application, any combination, and configuration of all functions of the ERP system is possible. Dedication and precise adaptation of the ERP system to the business practice of your company provides the possibility of implementing comprehensive software that supports accounting, payroll, sales, purchases, etc. In many companies, CRM and ERP systems fill the space between the existing financial/accounting software, warehouse, and sales program, combining many programs into one sealed, automated software.

Optimise and automate processes in your company.

The research and development work carried out by our team allowed us to create an innovative ERP system based on a genetic algorithm. The revolutionary solution enables optimisation and automation of processes carried out in the ERP system. The genetic algorithm, through the process of self-learning, improves the transmission and generation of data in the system. Based on the collected information, it solves repeated problems and bugs of ERP system users in a much faster and intuitive way. It has been proven that the use of a genetic algorithm in the process of creating and using ERP systems shortens the existing long-term implementation processes and reduces investment expenditure on the purchase of the system, equipment as well as training and implementation services.

Customised software for everyone.

The system has been designed to be accessible to all users, without restrictions related to the technology, software, or disability. At IDEAerp we have also applied high contrast version. The text is visible, and it stands out from the background. This allows the use of IDEAerp for people who are visually impaired or those with visual impairments. Thanks to the high contrast, people with eyesight problems can freely move around the system and use each of its functions.

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