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Our CyberConsultant provides a number of benefits

First of all, the tool increases sales by providing personalized product suggestions. It is a source of customer data that shows information about purchase choices. The use of this tool also improves customer experience in your store. It means higher conversion rate and fewer returns. The CyberConsultant maintains relations with a client, encourages them to return to the shopping cart they left behind or sends emails inviting them to visit the store again.

Control Panel - analyze system user activity

Use the data when composing marketing communication. Each visit to the website generates value, on the basis of which our CyberConsultant returns an information channel for the client. It uses the mechanisms of machine learning. Using the space and potential of empty places, such as a 404 page, an empty shopping cart, or a page with no search results, you can generate sales where it is lost. “Product for You” box displays several products that have attracted attention or have been purchased by similar users. When you click on the box, it takes you to a dedicated landing page equipped with infinite scroll and a product card. This enables browsing products that match your customer's needs.

Self-learning neural network for request qualification

For each request appearing in the system (main page visit, chat inquiry), the network performs an appropriate set of operations, allowing for request segmentation. This enables the most accurate response that will satisfy a customer. A quick response to a customer’s inquiry assures them that someone is handling their case. Additionally, segmentation of such queries reduces response time by assigning messages to the appropriate customer service specialist. Answers to the most popular queries can be automated, reducing the workload of customer service agents.

Voice recognition mechanism

Extremely important module for mobile users. Customers can ask questions using their voice. Its recognition mechanism creates a request to the CyberConsultant, who then reacts in an appropriate way. Facilitating product search means better user experience. Voice search capability combined with voice assistant features enables to verify order status. Ease of navigation and artificial intelligence assistance effectively encourage customers to stay on the site and complete their purchase. Autofill suggests the right product when the customer is not quite sure what specifically they are looking for.


  • Analytical data

    Knowing detailed data about your target audience will help you to perform more effective advertising. This is priceless when constructing marketing communication.

  • Consumer satisfaction

    Customers see product recommendations within their interests and hints regarding clothes’ sizes. As a result you will notice fewer returns!

  • Sales funnel

    Reach customers along the entire purchase path: in the product category view, product card, shopping cart and checkout view.

  • Technology

    CyberConsultant cannot be blocked by users via such plugins AdBlock nor mechanisms of some web browsers.

  • Implementation

    Simple implementation with any online store platform. You can start fully effective work even within a few days.

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