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Use the possibilities of Magento 2. Take your e-commerce to the next level fast. Store on Magento 2 for 9,999 $.

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IDEAmagentobox- store platform built on Magento system

IDEAmagentobox is a complete online store, fully configured, based on the newest Magento system. This advanced e-commerce solution was created thanks to our long experience in building and supporting Magento online shops. Our best certified developers and UX specialists worked to develop IDEAmagentobox. All this to create an online store platform that effectively supports online sales. Our aim was to build excellent online shop platform which supports e-commerce trends.

This product is dedicated to sellers who want to set up online store and those who already have it shop on different platform and want to switch to Magento 2. By using IDEAmagentobox, you get access to an extensive e-commerce platform equipped with advanced analytical capabilities, sales support modules and unlimited possibilities for expanding functionality. Create your professional online store in just 4 weeks for only 9,999 $. See the free demo version of IDEAmagentobox.

Online shop
on Magento for 9,999 $

Creating store on Magento 2 doesn’t have to involve huge investment. IDEAmagentobox is e-commerce platform at affordable price. Building an online store on the latest version of Magento costs only 9,999 $. For this price, you get fully functional solution, which is used by best brands all around the world. Low costs of implementation allow you to develop your e-commerce faster.

Save time with IDEAmagentobox

The implementation of IDEAmagentobox, online store platform, on the world’s most popular Magento framework, is possible in just 4 weeks. It is faster and more profitable solution than the standard construction of Magento online store. Very quickly you’ll create shop online with all the most important functionalities, guaranteeing success in sales.

Answer to
high expectations

With IDEAmagentobox, you have no limit of products or categories. In the Magento online store, you can easily manage your stock level, including setting minimum stock. The advanced technology of e-commerce platform allows you to set different prices to different customer groups. Having a store on Magento 2, you don’t have to worry about sudden traffic boost, increased number of orders or slowdowns. IDEAshopbox offers enormous opportunities for the development of B2B and B2C online stores.

Integrations with your
favourite platforms

IDEAmagentobox is fully functional Magento store which you can integrate with any tool for payment, delivery, analysis or ERP system. You can easily integrate your Magento store with well-known marketplaces, including Allegro, eBay or Amazon.

What makes us unique?

  • Implementation for 8 000 €

  • Fast deployment in just 4 weeks

  • 3 various, fully responsive graphic designs

  • Fully functional Magento2 store

  • Unlimited

  • Safe

See templates

We prepared the best types of responsive graphic designs for your Magento online store. Designed for maximum conversion. Designs were created by UX experts so that you can find the most suitable solution for your business. You can easily adjust the chosen template of e-commerce platform to your needs. Thanks to online store software, you’ll quickly and professionally present products, add information about special deals, put new products or post blog articles. Choose one of the templates and provide your customers with convenient shopping experience.


  • What is the process of implementation?

    The implementation of full Magento 2 online shop takes only 4 weeks. It is a much faster option than building entire online store from scratch, which takes several months. The process is very quick. It begins with consultation when we choose the best solution together. Then, certified Magento developers prepare and implement the store. This stage is followed by tests. Having been tested successfully, your shop is ready! You can start selling.

  • How much does the store cost?

    The total fee for Magento 2 online store (IDEAmagentobox solution) is only 9,999 $. This is one-time cost. Then, you become the owner. We don’t charge monthly fees for its use. Write us to receive a full specification.

  • Is there limit for products?

    No. There is no limit for your products. On the IDEAmagentobox you can add any number of products, their categories and subcategories. This solution doesn’t limit your business. It gives you more opportunities.

  • Is there a demo version?

    Yes! We encourage you to check out our demo version. Write us an e-mail and we’ll give you an access to IDEAmagentobox demo version.

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