We provide integration with Allegro, Odoo ERP, Open ERP and many others


Managing a company requires an innovative approach to precise planning at every level and optimal use of resources. Having a big number of departments, employees, and various tasks is a real challenge. The dedicated software we have created enables full integration and optimisation of work. Properly selected dedicated systems and extensive ERP system modules increase the smooth flow of information as well as control, planning, and registration of all activities in the company. The modern B2B system integrated with them facilitates the work of contractors and minimises the number of errors resulting from the human factor.

B2B applications are a guarantee of better management of processes inside the company, as well as in its environment. Properly used, they allow you to shorten the time of performing various activities, as well as increase their quality. Thus, a B2B application can influence, for example, satisfaction with the company's services.

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Shops and auction platforms

  • Allegro

    Sell on the most popular auction platform in Poland. IDEAerp has direct integration with Allegro accounts. Our system automatically registers the payment, creates an invoice or receipt, sends the buyer e-mails with statuses, and orders the right courier. Check what else IDEAerp can help you with.

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  • Amazon

    Increase the reach of your business and start selling on Amazon. IDEAerp integration with Amazon allows you to conveniently manage orders. See how easy it is, find out more.

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  • eBay

    eBay integration means efficient work and real-time reaction. All order information is shown on one clear screen. Find out more about the possibilities offered by IDEAerp.

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  • Shopee

    Use all sales channels to expand your offer. Manage your sales on Shopee and earn more with IDEAerp. Downloading orders and synchronizing inventory levels in real time as standard. Explore all the possibilities.

  • Empik

    Empik integration with IDEAerp means that you can connect sales to multiple accounts in one place. Control and order fulfilment are greatly facilitated. Find out what else our system can do for you.

  • Erli

    Increase your sales range with the ERLI platform. Thanks to the integration of ERLI with IDEAerp, your work will be efficient, and order fulfillment will be faster and undeniably easier.

  • eMAG

    Sell on multiple markets and control orders in one place. The integration of eMAG with IDEAerp will change your work. Check out other functionalities of our system.

  • Magento

    Integrate your Magento online shop with IDEAerp. The system automates sales, while you gain more free time.

  • Prestashop

    Send your order with one click. IDEAerp integration with PrestaShop allows you to automatically record payments, create and send an invoice to the buyer and much more.

  • Shoper

    Connect Shoper online store with IDEAerp. The integration enables efficient sales, among others, on Allegro, Amazon, eBay. The order handling process has never been so simple and efficient.

  • Shopify

    Automate your work on Shopify with IDEAerp. Choose a solution that will verify the payment status and inventory for you, and will guide you through all stages of the sale.

  • Selly

    Integration with Selly platform significantly facilitates the sales process in several places at the same time. List your products on Allegro, Amazon, eBay.

  • Amazon FBA

    The integration of Amazon FBA with ERP system has never been so simple and efficient. IDEAerp is a complete solution designed for online sellers. Discover new possibilities.

  • I-systems

    Ready integration of IDEAerp with I-systems meets the needs of modern Internet sales. Automation of activities and the possibility of selling in the most popular marketplaces is a step forward in the development of online business.

  • IdoSell

    Sell quickly and conveniently. Connect the IdoSell Shop online store with IDEAerp and enjoy new functionalities that make your work easier.

  • Wayfair

    Wayfair is one of the largest home shopping platforms in the world. Wayfair integration with IDEAerp enables fast item insertion and automation of the sales process.

  • Media Expert

    The integration of IDEAerp with Media Expert allows you to sell in the largest commercial network offering consumer electronics in Poland.

  • WooCommerce

    The integration of WooCommerce platform means additional sales opportunities. The connection with IDEAerp enables the listing of products in the most popular marketplaces, such as Allegro, Amazon, eBay.

  • integration with IDEAerp means quick and easy use of new sales channels. See how much easier your daily work can be.

Handling bank statements

  • ING

    Thanks to the connection of IDEAerp with ING, you can use modern internet banking.

  • BNP Paribas

    IDEAerp is integrated with BNP Paribas bank.

  • Santander

    Santander is the second largest bank in Poland in terms of assets and we have connected IDEAerp to it.

  • Alior

    IDEAerp offers integration with Alior Bank.

  • mBank

    Electronic banking at hand thanks to the merger of mBank with IDEAerp.

  • PKO

    IDEAerp system is integrated with PKO - the largest bank in Poland.


  • InPost + Allegro InPost

    Take advantage of the integration that has facilitated daily work of online sellers.

  • Polish Post + Allegro Polish Post

    In a convenient and transparent panel of the IDEAerp system, you can ship via Poczta Polska.

  • FedEx

    Give your customers a choice. Connecting FedEx to IDEAerp resulted in quick packages shipping.

  • Furgonetka

    Take advantage of the integration of the Furgonetka with IDEAerp and manage the shipping process efficiently.

  • EuroHermes

    Get the opportunity to fasten your work. Integration of EuroHermes with IDEAerp provides, among others benefits, automatic generation of the bill of lading.

  • Goglobal24

    Integration of Goglobal24 with IDEAerp takes place via API. This allows communication with the courier system in real time.

  • Paczka w RUCHu

    Provide your customers with convenient parcel collection from wherever they wish.

  • Geis Global Logistics

    Easily manage the shipping process thanks to the integration of Geis Global Logistics with IDEAerp.

  • DB-Schenker

    Integration of DB-Schenker with IDEAerp significantly reduces the time needed to ship the package.

  • DPD + DPD Allegro +

    Easily manage the shipment of parcels. Thanks to the integration with IDEAerp you will get a report of shipments with one click.

  • GLS

    Shipment of parcels has never been so convenient. The whole process takes place automatically, thanks to the integration of GLS with IDEAerp.

  • DHL

    DHL's integration with IDEAerp means fast and efficient shipment of parcels. Sending and addressing the package takes place automatically after printing the invoice or receipt.

  • UPS

    Thanks to IDEAerp system, the parcel is sent automatically, and you can follow it.

  • X-press Couriers

    X-press Couriers offer express delivery. Thanks to the automation provided by IDEAerp cooperation with X-press Couriers, a package reaches your customer even faster.

  • SUUS

    The integration of IDEAerp with SUUS not only facilitates sending the parcel but also eliminates the possibility of making a mistake when sending the parcel.

  • Packetery

    Easy parcel shipping thanks to IDEAerp integration with Packetery. Quick access to the shipment report.

Payments and accounting programs


    Decide on better contact with your customer. Integration of SMSAPI with IDEAerp ensures automatic sending of SMS messages at every stage of the order.

  • SerwerSMS

    Thanks to the integration of SerwerSMS with IDEAerp, send automatic messages about order status changes to your customers. You don't have to remember about it - the system will do it for you.

  • Comarch ERP Optima

    The integration of IDEAerp with Optima ensures the export of sales invoices, purchase invoices, sales corrections, and purchase corrections in xml format dedicated to the Optima program.

  • Sage Symfonia

    The combination of IDEAerp with Sage Symfonia is a convenient export of sales invoices, purchase invoices, sales corrections, and purchase corrections in txt format.

  • Rewizor

    Thanks to the integration of IDEAerp with Rewizor - the export of sales invoices, purchase invoices, sales corrections, purchase corrections, warehouse documents, payment documents in EPP format for online sales is quick and easy.

  • GUS

    IDEAerp integration with the Central Statistical Office enables data to be downloaded from the Central Statistical Office.

Maps and calendars

  • Google Maps

    IDEAerp integration with Google Maps allows you to check the location entered in the system on the map.

  • Google Calendar

    Possibility to synchronise the calendar in the IDEAerp system with the Google calendar

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