Allegro Integration


Online stores selling their products on Allegro platform might face problems with organizing their work, which has an impact on order fulfilment time. Efficient store service and separate sales on an external channel is quite a challenge. Due to many Allegro users, many sellers do not want to give up the potential of reaching customers there. Some of the difficulties for sellers using Allegro are, for example, a very large number of e-mails from customers making changes to orders, the need to search and paste data from e-mails to invoices and forwarding them to couriers, pairing products on auctions with stock in the warehouse or informing buyers about the status of the order and the stage of its implementation. It would be much easier to manage online sales and auctions from one panel with maximum automation - and this is what the two-way integration with Allegro allows.

IDEAerp is equipped with the function of direct integration with Allegro account. As a specialist in the field of software for Allegro sellers, we know that thousands of buyers' e-mails about changes in orders are a big problem for sellers. Apart from it, there is searching and pasting data from e-mails to invoices and couriers, pairing products, informing customers about statuses, complaints, etc. Our system displays all information from the order in one preview without searching. It allows to execute entire order with one click - the payment is registered, an invoice or receipt is created and sent to the buyer, it creates a delivery note for the warehouse, sends e-mails with statuses to the buyer, and an appropriate courier is ordered. At the moment, it is possible to control each stage in the customer service cycle with information about which employee and when carried out a given sale transaction. With the help of other modules of the IDEAerp system, the application replaces additional software for sales execution.

  • all the information about the order in one preview
  • filtering orders ready for shipment
  • real-time payment registration
  • displaying all e-mails related to the order
  • possibility of sending an e-mail to the customer from the order view
  • importing all the data from Allegro
  • creating customers from Allegro (buyer, delivery, invoice) and connecting them to CRM
  • one-way synchronisation of stock levels with Allegro (the purchase reduces the stock after the order is approved)
  • product pairing with multiple Allegro auctions
  • automatic pairing of products from the auctions with the stock
  • automatic creation of a delivery note for the stock
  • automatic selection of the appropriate courier and its order
  • automatic printing of bill of loading
  • automatic e-mail notifications for customers about the order status and bill of lading number with a link on the company template
  • automatic generation of invoices or receipts, their printing or sending by e-mail
  • order approval control (who, when)
  • possibility of integration with the Stock Issue Confirmation panel
  • registering purchase events (clicking buy now, changing the form, etc.)
  • registration of complaints
  • Allegro commission refunds for a single purchase act
  • possibility to create folders for categorising the status of orders (e.g. pending payment, for clarification, no data)
  • possibility to create several customer orders into one order
  • control of order fulfilment (who and when confirmed the sale)

How does it work? Customer service

To make it easier for our customers to handle sales on Allegro while running an online store, we offer software thanks to which all transactions from the auction site appear in the online store management panel along with information about them. They are visible to the seller in the same way as the other orders. The transparency of the system allows for an easy and largely automated way to manage orders and their implementation. The ERP system fully manages the product card on Allegro auction and allows to automatically put new products up for auction. Thanks to the integration with Allegro, all e-mail messages from customers using the website are displayed in the sales panel on the store's website, from where the seller can send a response. Real-time payment information and shipping data are also downloaded from the auction site.

Sales automation - synchronisation with the warehouse

Facilitated customer service is not all that can be gained thanks to integration with Allegro. Equally helpful is the synchronisation of the online store's inventory with transactions made on the auction site. After confirming the purchase, the inventory of a given product is reduced. When the order is ready, the appropriate courier is automatically selected, and the shipment is handed over to him. The system generates and prints waybills, receipts, and invoices, and keeps customers informed about the current status of the order. To facilitate the work, orders are grouped in appropriate folders according to the stage of implementation at which they are at the moment. The system also records any complaints. Also, the software allows you to automatically pair a specific product with multiple auctions, and even place auctions from the store level, which ultimately leads to a situation where direct use of Allegro is not necessary.

Additional software features

The advantages of integrating an online shop with Allegro auction site cannot be underestimated - it unifies the process of order fulfilment placed via both platforms and allows to manage them from one panel. It is a great convenience and time-saver for the seller, as well as a solution that guarantees efficient service and a short waiting time for the shipment to the store's customers. The software has many additional, useful functions - among other things, it allows you to record purchasing events such as clicking "Buy now" or changes made by the customer to the form as well as to control the process of approval and execution of the order.

Allegro integration - a solution for demanding customers!

Today's customer's expectations are getting higher and higher. The enormous competition prevailing on the market in almost every industry has contributed to the emergence of a race between distributors. It results in implementing more and more useful solutions to facilitate online shopping. It is about attracting and keeping the buyer at one’s shop. This situation has made the consumer much more demanding and counts on the highest quality service. Failure to ensure such a level usually ends the possibility of starting cooperation. That is why it is so important to integrate Allegro with the ERP system, which places all important information about trading through various channels in one place. It is a tool that enables the store owner to gain more control of their business. At the same time, it significantly reduces the risk of skipping some transactions, which may happen with unstructured data, which often causes the customer to resign from the order.

Thanks to ERP integration with Allegro, the seller gains a tool that helps to achieve the highest quality of service for a modern demanding consumer. Buyers expect quick implementation, efficient contact, and receiving up-to-date information about the product in the form of replies to their messages, as well as being informed about the current status of the order automatically. This is only possible when the store manager can control the orders. The transparency of the panel that gathers information about purchases made on all platforms in one place makes it much easier. Allegro integration is a necessary process if the e-commerce owner has ambitions to provide his buyers with the highest quality service. Organising the data enables quick analysis of the situation, control of stock levels, and significantly speeds up the execution of the order, which provides the company with the highest standard. Taking advantage of the integration of the Allegro platform with an online shop means adapting the business to the current market requirements. Thus, the company is to develop and does not fall behind the competition.

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