Amazon integration


More and more online stores aim to increase their reach and get across to more potential customers. Apart from offering products in online stores, they start using external sales channels. One of the most popular and at the same time the largest in the world is Amazon. It is used by millions of users every day. However, selling on several different platforms can be difficult - especially if the items on offer are very popular among buyers. Thanks to the appropriate software integrating the store with the Amazon service and allowing for the maximum possible automation of the order fulfilment, it becomes much easier.

  • all the information about the order in one preview
  • filtering orders ready for shipment
  • real-time payment registration
  • displaying all e-mails related to the order
  • possibility of sending an e-mail to the customer from the order view
  • importing all the data from Amazon
  • creating customers from Amazon (buyer, delivery, invoice) and connecting them to CRM
  • one-way synchronisation of stock levels with Amazon (the purchase reduces the stock after the order is approved)
  • product pairing with multiple Amazon auctions
  • automatic pairing of products from the auctions with the stock
  • automatic creation of a delivery note for the stock
  • automatic selection of the appropriate courier and its order
  • automatic printing of bill of loading
  • automatic e-mail notifications for customers about the order status and bill of lading number with a link on the company template
  • automatic generation of invoices or receipts, their printing or sending by e-mail
  • possibility of integration with the Stock Issue Confirmation panel
  • registering purchase events (clicking buy now, changing the form, etc.)
  • registration of complaints
  • possibility to create folders for categorising the status of orders (e.g. pending payment, for clarification, no data)
  • possibility to create several customer orders into one order
  • control of order fulfilment (who and when confirmed the sale)

Key to success - efficient customer service

One of the factors that decisively influencing the Internet users’ satisfaction with online shopping is a professional approach to the customer and short time of order fulfilment. It is much easier to guarantee buyers the highest level of service if we have access to all orders carried out by the company at the same time - regardless of the sales channel. Integration with Amazon allows you to automatically include products offered by your online store into the Amazon catalogue and manage sales in the same way as orders placed by customers directly through the store's website.

Convenient order management

The software that integrates online store with Amazon allows you to manage all orders in one place. But this is not the only advantage of this solution. Easy categorisation of data on specific transactions and clear automation of the order fulfilments process stages enables easier store management and faster customer service. Integration with Amazon results in, among other things, downloading and displaying all the information about the transactions in the preview of the sales - this applies to shipping data, additional e-mail messages sent by a buyer (from there you can also answer them), and registration of electronic payments.

Amazon integration solution for demanding customers

The system filters orders ready for shipment and automatically selects the appropriate courier to whom they are forwarded. It also allows you to group other orders according to their current status, e.g. waiting for payment or requiring contact with the customer due to missing data. After the purchase is approved by a buyer, invoices or receipts are generated, and after the courier is ordered – waybills are issued. The system actively informs customers about the order stage and provides them with data enabling tracking the shipment. Integration with Amazon also facilitates all activities related to updating inventory - thanks to one-way synchronisation and automatic pairing of products offered for sale in Amazon with those in stock, the number of available items is reduced accordingly after purchase. The software allows you to control the approval and fulfilments of orders as well as it also records possible complaints.

More efficient service results in the satisfaction of buyers and the use of the international sales channel allows you to reach potential customers from all over Europe. For these reasons, integration with Amazon is a solution that brings only benefits to online stores.

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