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Not only many online buyers are interested in the offers of specific online stores but also they eagerly visit auction sites, including eBay. Internet users appreciate them primarily for the ability to browse products offered by different sellers in one marketplace and easy as well as the safe purchase of those that best meet their expectations. Many online stores, wishing to present their offer to more potential customers, put their articles up for auction, often achieving surprisingly high sales results. However, the simultaneous execution of orders placed via the official website of the store and auction marketplace may turn out to be quite a challenge. The eBay integration significantly improves the seller's work - it allows you to organise the data on all orders regardless of the channel, group them according to the status and possibly automate the process of their fulfilment and thus - speed it up a bit. It also reduces the risk that an extra message sent by the buyer or any other important information will go unnoticed.

  • all the information about the order in one preview
  • filtering orders ready for shipment
  • real-time payment registration
  • displaying all e-mails related to the order
  • possibility of sending an e-mail to the customer from the order view
  • importing all the data from eBay
  • creating customers from eBay (buyer, delivery, invoice) and connecting them to CRM
  • one-way synchronisation of stock levels with eBay (the purchase reduces the stock after the order is approved)
  • product pairing with multiple eBay auctions
  • automatic pairing of products from the auctions with the stock
  • automatic creation of a delivery note for the stock
  • automatic selection of the appropriate courier and its order
  • automatic printing of bill of loading
  • automatic e-mail notifications for customers about the order status and bill of lading number with a link on the company template
  • automatic generation of invoices or receipts, their printing or sending by e-mail
  • possibility of integration with the Stock Issue Confirmation panel
  • registering purchase events (clicking buy now, changing the form, etc.)
  • registration of complaints
  • possibility to create folders for categorising the status of orders (e.g. pending payment, for clarification, no data)
  • possibility to create several customer orders into one order
  • control of order fulfilment (who and when confirmed the sale)

Easy sales management

The software we offer integrates the store with eBay marketplace and allows to manage all orders in one place. Information about purchases made on eBay appears in the administration panel - the system creates orders both from offers submitted by clicking "Buy now" on ongoing auctions and those from finished auctions, importing to the panel the payment method selected by the buyer, payment status, and delivery method, based on which an appropriate courier is automatically selected and ordered by the system. The software automatically generates receipts, invoices, and bills of lading, which could be printed and attached to the shipment, as well as informs the customer about the stage of order implementation. eBay integration allows to assign orders to specific buyers and create new customer accounts in the store's database, and thus monitor certain trends and combine several orders placed at the same time by a given person.

Automatic publication of auctions

Thanks to eBay integration, not only is an order processing automated but also inventory control can be done through the integrator. The system pairs the products in the stock with those put up at auctions retrieves information about the price and stock from the store and updates the number of items in the stock when someone purchases via eBay, reducing it accordingly. Placing auctions of similar products can be accelerated by preparing templates for filling in the settings specified in the general configuration.

Why is it worth it?

Using the software that integrates different channels allows improving the performance by organising and managing orders from an easy-to-use and intuitive panel. Appropriate organisation translates into good contact with the customer and high-quality customer service. Adding to this all the benefits of using various sales channels to promote your products, integrating your store with eBay seems like an option worth special attention. Everyone interested in such a solution should contact our company and learn about all functions of the integrator.

eBay Integration - Work efficiently in real time

Carrying out duties in an undisturbed manner and freely from disruptions is worth its weight in gold. eBay integration allows you to work in real time with the highest standards of customer service, which encourages loyal customers to make further purchases. By collecting data on transactions concluded on various sales channels in one panel, the company's employees get all the necessary tools at hand. It is not necessary to log in to other websites and search for data related to the achieved sales result. The distributor no longer has to refresh several sites to check the status of his interests. By using only one transparent panel, it is possible to immediately start the execution of subsequent incoming orders.

Thanks to the eBay integration with ERP system, the seller receives all the notifications necessary to carry out business. The update takes place immediately, so it is fully possible to contact the buyer in real time. This ensures quick execution of orders, immediate response to inquiries, and making necessary changes in the status of the order, which can be monitored by the other party. Managing business in this mode allows the company to achieve the highest level of professionalism, which encourages the potential buyer to make further purchases.

The integration of eBay with the panel of the online shop enables to adjust the quality of services provided to the current expectations of the customer. These are primarily efficient communication and quick finalisation of trade liabilities. Huge competition, which gives the customer a wide choice among numerous e-commerce sellers offering the same product, contributed to a significant increase in consumer awareness and their growing expectations. Only the enterprise that can meet them is successful. Therefore, it is worth investing in the most convenient work tools, such as the integration of the store with eBay, which improves the quality of service and thus positively builds the brand image.

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