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Building an online store based on a free platform can be a great solution for both small and medium-sized companies as well as large and dynamically developing enterprises. Among many e-commerce platforms available under an open license, Magento deserves special attention. It is a software that allows you to create an online store from scratch and effectively manage sales. Magento platform offers its users several advanced functionalities, both in terms of creating e-stores and managing them, optimising or promoting their products.

It is not surprising that every year, the platform is gaining more and more users, and, according to the latest data, Magento implementations have exceeded 250,000 globally. It is also a system that is the most popular in terms of migration. Among all online stores which are transferred to another platform, as much as 45% of migrations are made to Magento. In Poland, the system is the basis for the operation of over 2,000 stores, including brands such as Castorama, RTV Euro AGD and Adidas. Many world-renowned companies, including,, or Lilou, also use Magento, basing their online sales on this extremely functional and intuitive platform.

Magento - the basic advantages of the e-commerce platform

Easy navigation, a system of SEO support, simple administration panel or the ability to create any number of stores and link them under one account are just some of the advantages of this system. Magento is also characterised by easy scalability. Magento store will work efficiently, no matter if it handles several dozens or several thousand transactions a day. This allows you to avoid costly and complicated store transfer to more efficient platforms, which could potentially affect its functionality. Building a store from scratch that fully uses as many advantages and functionalities as those offered by Magento often requires advanced skills and experience.

Just like the configuration of the store following the client's requirements. This often requires appropriate programming knowledge. No wonder that more and more companies operating in the e-commerce industry outsource the creation or modification of their online store to an external company with appropriate resources and experience. Responding to the needs of a growing group of clients and investors, we offer professional and comprehensive Magento outsourcing. We provide the implementation of stores on Magento, their construction, adaptation to individual customer requirements and many additional services related to the architecture of the store and effective sales management.

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Magento 2 support

By entrusting our company with the implementation of Magento, you can be sure that the design and creation of an online store on the most popular free e-commerce platform is supervised by a team of experienced specialists, proven in many fields and having a wide portfolio of projects alike. Many years of experience in building e-stores and adapting their parameters to the market and customer requirements has allowed us to gain a leading position when it comes to Magento outsourcing, which includes services such as:

  • design and implementation of a Magento store,
  • configuration and adaptation of existing online stores,
  • updating the system to the latest version,
  • installation of additional plug-ins, add-ons and modules,
  • optimisation of the online store to raise its position in search engines,
  • making graphic and structural changes on the website,
  • implementation changes and additions of a seasonal nature (e.g. holiday promotions, sales, etc.),
  • implementation of loyalty programs and other marketing campaigns,
  • implementation of online payments,
  • individual consulting to increase the functionality and efficiency of the store,
  • professional helpdesk service.,

Who is Magento outsourcing for?

We address our Magento outsourcing services to all those who want to increase sales efficiency, improve online store management, implement new functions all in cooperation with a team of experienced specialists who can suggest solutions that are optimal in a given situation. We also offer the implementation of Magento 2 - the next version of the system.

  • Get more by spending less

    Out of many benefits that notice entrepreneurs who outsource Magento implementations to external companies, financial arguments come to the fore. Outsourcing is a cheaper service than employing your own IT team, consisting of a programmer, graphic designer, SEO specialist, etc. Constant cooperation allows you to negotiate attractive price discounts and preferential conditions.

  • Grow your business faster

    Another advantage is the ability to relieve your own employees and direct their work capacity to current tasks. By choosing to outsource, one may delegate to us comprehensive creation of an online store. However, we can also do just some of the tasks, not the whole store. An important factor is the transfer of responsibility for the performance to the company that undertakes the tasks.

  • We care about your peace of mind by ensuring the security of your online store

    Constant cooperation in the field of online store management ensures quick response and comprehensive support both in current operations and in unexpected technical problems. Most importantly, our support is delivered on a predetermined date, and there are no compromises.

  • You can count on us - we provide helpdesk

    Communication is the basis of satisfactory cooperation and effective implementation of the tasks entrusted to us. That is why we offer many convenient forms of contact, from a phone call, through e-mails to instant messaging. Thanks to modern technologies, we can remotely perform many tasks, using the connection with computer devices located at the client's headquarters. Making changes of strategic importance from the point of view of an online store is widely discussed at pre-arranged meetings. In this way, our customers receive a guarantee that the issues related to the construction, implementation or configuration of the online store will be implemented according to the requirements and individual preferences.

Certified Magento developers

You can trust us, we are certified Magento developers. We use the latest technologies to develop online stores. With us, you will achieve your goals faster.

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