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Online selling is the future of trade - its role is visibly growing day by day. Time’s becoming our most crucial currency, so we’re looking for creative ways to save it. In order to meet our clients’ needs, we build creative projects of virtual galleries. We guarantee that Magento or PrestaShop stores made by us are unique showrooms, where you can navigate in simple, intuitive steps. We focus on stability, high artistic quality and new technologies, so that our PrestaShop and Magento store designs work perfectly also on smartphones and tablets. The solutions to create PrestaShop online have been trusted by many well-known brands, increasing sales results and their service quality.

Designing online shops - interactive agency from Warsaw

If you are looking for an interactive agency in Warsaw that will comprehensively deal with the creation of an online store, you've come to the right place. For years, we have specialised in the e-commerce industry. For our team, project implementation is not only a job but also a passion, which is why we always give 100% commitment. We build new online shops on proven and stable platforms - Magento and PrestaShop. We believe that every e-commerce we launch will constantly develop your shop and bring profits to your business. What do we suggest starting with? Let's meet in Warsaw for coffee or tea and talk about how we can help you. This conversation will become the basis for taking further actions related to the design of the online shop.

Creating online shops for customers in Warsaw

We know well what actions to take to ensure that the result of designing the online shop in Warsaw is satisfactory for our customers. We not only create but also implement innovative business solutions for the benefit of e-commerce. When cooperating, we count on partner relations, exchange of ideas and constant contact - all these elements are the key factor influencing the quality of a completed project. We have the same goal - to create an online shop that will function properly and achieve sales goals. Therefore, before kicking off with the project, we present our clients with all the advantages of the online store on Magento and PrestaShop, so that after analysing the needs, they can make the right choice concerning the platform. Both systems are open software, therefore the appearance of the store can be tailored to your individual needs, which will be taken care of by our highly qualified programmers. When creating online shops in Warsaw, we also make sure that you can optimise them properly in the future and reach your clients with the offer.

Designing online shops for customers in Gdańsk

Do you want to entrust building your online shop to professionals, preferably from Gdańsk? We are happy to accept this order. Share with us the vision of your dream online business and we will help you to create it. Before implementation, we do an audit that allows us to identify and examine opportunities and detect potential threats. Designing online stores for companies on Magento and PrestaShop platforms is what we specialise in.

Creating online shops Gdańsk

As e-commerce specialists, we are flexible and, just like the online shops we design, we try to adapt to the needs of customers. We will be pleased to meet you in Gdańsk to talk in detail about cooperation in your online shop. We do not act in a cliché style and we approach each project individually. We are aware of the high competitiveness of the e-commerce market, which is why creating professional online shops is a priority for us. Before we start working on the e-commerce system, it will be necessary to learn about the detailed arrangements that constitute the backbone of the entire project. Then we enclose it with various functions, we care for a coherent layout tailored to your brand and depending on your needs - we also integrate it with advanced business solutions that automate online sales. All this in close contact with you so that you know at what stage the development of your online shop is. Feel free to contact or meet us in Gdańsk so that we can create an online sales platform especially for you.

We use the latest technology. We are familiar with SEO.

More and more customers shop online. The predictions for the e-commerce market are promising. Selling on the Internet has many advantages. Reduction of fixed costs, sales growth, strengthening the business on the market. Start selling faster and better with our Magento online store, which you will receive for only 30,000 PLN. The online stores we build and develop are not only created in the latest technology, but also optimised for SEO. Thanks to this, your website is more visible on Google.

UX / UI at the highest level. All our PrestaShop and Magento stores are created with attention to the smallest detail.

PrestaShop and Magento stores are personalised individually, according to business’ needs. We only agree to perfection, understood as an extraordinary store, providing the desired customer experience.

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Synchronise your sales channels with dedicated system IDEAerp

Fully connected Magento and PrestaShop stores are automatically handled in the IDEAerp system, starting from the order and at the shipment ending. All sales are logged there together with customer base and statistic tools presenting results on charts. Thanks to customer panel, a recipient at any time sees the progress of their purchase and tracks the shipment. In addition, in the customer panel, a user views the history of their purchases and can print an invoice.

Meet new, more convenient standard of sales in e-commerce with the IDEAerp system.

The best performance of PrestaShop and Magento stores due to dedicated solutions

Thanks to special configuration of our servers and the use of innovative dedicated software, our stores are second to none in terms of speed. Ask us for comparison and you will see the difference on your own. All of this is possible because of IDEAcloud hosting dedicated for online stores.

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Easy development of your online store

Easy development of online stores underlies advantage that cannot be overestimated. An experienced team of programmers ensures fast implementation of even complex tasks. Additionally, an easy-to-use, intuitive and clear system of the customer panel enables continuous monitoring of the work progress and their easy accounting.

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