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The term SaaS is derived from the English language and is an abbreviation for "Software as a Service". It is a service that makes software available remotely via the Internet. In the SaaS model, not so much the application itself is made available because it is located on the SaaS provider's servers, but it is possible to interact with it via the web browser. Having a subscription to our services will give you the best cloud hosting and full technical support with updates for free! We also provide our clients with the possibility of individual system expansion, reported in the hourly billing panel.


Advantages of our SaaS software

  • no need to purchase servers, special software and go through a long implementation process - the system can be used almost immediately
  • low monthly subscription cost – there is no one-time, high cost of purchasing the system
  • lack of a long and costly application implementation process
  • easy system evaluation - it is immediately available for testing in a demo version
  • simple work and application management; IDEAerp is designed in terms of usability, which allows you to concentrate on the task, not on "fighting the application"
  • no need to install the system on the user's computer - the system works online
  • no need to maintain an IT department or use external services of this type
  • access to always up-to-date software version
  • possibility of using the system from any computer, anywhere in the world
  • data security - customer data is backed up every 24 hours
  • scalability - SaaS solutions are easily scalable because they run on a platform designed to serve thousands of users
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