ERP System

SaaS ERP System

SaaS ERP System

What most entrepreneurs face today is the need for cost optimisation while running a business. The problem of too high maintenance costs of IT systems applies to small and medium-sized companies. These are not only fees related to the purchase or renewal of a license for specific software used for work, but also many costs related to the maintenance of the entire system, which, however, can be significantly reduced thanks to the SaaS ERP system.

SaaS, or a system in the "Software as a Service" cloud model, is the best solution for cost optimisation. It' is not just software licenses that burden the corporate budget. It is also about maintaining modern servers and room for them. It is also costly to implement new software, configure it, update it continuously and provide technical support in case of any failure. This often requires hiring a team of IT specialists and thus maintaining jobs.

In the case of ERP SaaS, the software does not need to be purchased, you can simply rent it for any time and use it conveniently anywhere in the world, without worrying about failures, updates, or configuration. An experienced team of IT specialists employed by an external company is responsible for the entire service. Thanks to maintaining the system on efficient and well-secured servers, you can be sure that the risk of failure or access troubles is minimised.

What is SaaS?

The cloud system in the SaaS model gives the entrepreneur, employees and all business partners remote and unlimited access to software tailored to specific needs. As part of paying one very low subscription fee, not only is the software rented, but also all additional services related to its operation are used. The small subscription fee includes such elements as:

  • maintenance and modernisation of servers;
  • implementation of data security systems;
  • support from IT specialists responsible for removing any system failures;
  • implementation and updating new versions;
  • remote access to the software on any computer, wherever you can connect to the Internet.

The big advantage of renting software in the cloud is very easy access to it. The software is installed on external servers, which means that there is no need to install it separately on each client's computer. All you need is an operating system and a simple web browser. From such level, you can log in to the tools and use them in any place where you can connect to the Internet.

Who is the SaaS ERP system for?

Software as a cloud service is a perfect solution for all those for whom maintaining the entire IT department in the company is a huge budget burden. By using the SaaS service, on the other hand, you gain much more than just easy access to professional software without the need to deal with its broadly understood support.

The SaaS ERP system also means remote access to the tools important for the company. This offers great opportunities for business development. A large-scale project development company that uses multiple subcontractors can provide remote access to the software to everyone involved. The management of permissions itself is extremely simple and offers a wide range of options.

It is also a great tool for field workers. Using the SaaS ERP system does not require any installation. The software is accessed via a standard web browser, so you can use it freely on any computer, wherever it is simply possible to connect to the Internet.

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