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Warehouse Management Software

Companies operating in the commercial industry, which are additionally responsible for product storage, have a lot of organisational responsibilities. Appropriate management of such a business is not only about efficient customer service and the implementation of fast deliveries. It also means constant monitoring of the number of products in stock and preparation of the right documentation. Effective communication cannot be forgotten here. To provide professional services, internal communication must be at the highest level. All this means that currently, the best solution is to use a specialised warehouse software which is expanded with functionality for trading. What should such a system be characterised by and what technologies should be used?

Solid warehouse management software

While using the cloud, i.e. a virtual storage for personal and private purposes does not surprise anyone, many people are still cautious about keeping corporate data in the cloud, which is often the basis of business operations. However, it is worth realising that the use of the cloud in the context of corporate software and database storage is becoming a standard. An additional case is that in specialists’ opinion storing data on virtual disks may be much safer than investing in expensive physical machines.

Below there are the 5 most important advantages of using a cloud ERP program.

Free warehouse management software

There are many systems of this type on the market and some of them are available under an open license. So it is a free option, which, unfortunately, does not go hand in hand with high quality and the best functionality. These are some universal tools of a more rigid nature that do not provide the possibility of customisation. Such a warehouse management software has some limits and the entrepreneur cannot adjust the tools to the company's needs. Although our solution is not free, it is strongly customisable. It is a flexible system, always tailored to the needs of the business. In addition, our software is continuously tested and improved, therefore, it is reliable. We offer it for an affordable subscription fee.

Online warehouse management software

A precisely designed and solidly constructed system must today provide remote access to its full functionality. This is precisely what we offer. It is a dedicated mobile application for Android and iOS systems, which can access data directly from a web browser.

Simple warehouse management software

Although we offer technologically advanced tools, they already have gathered much appreciation for their exceptional easy use. It is simple not only to use them on daily basis but also to configure the entire system at the very beginning - including adding more modules.

Which warehouse management software for a cash register

In many companies, sales are conducted not only online, but also in the traditional form – in local shops. Therefore, when choosing warehouse management software, you should pay close attention to whether it offers the right solutions for your needs. Thanks to our integrations, managing a store, or even the entire chain of retail outlets, is much easier. A professional tool should offer not only access to stock levels and products search engine but also a fiscal cash register, code reader, payment registration and invoicing. Among other things, tools for cashiers' settlement and handling loyalty and discount programs are also useful.

Which warehouse management software for an online store

If it is necessary to integrate the warehouse management software with an online store, the functional needs may be even greater. Here, the following are very important: transparency, comprehensive order handling and the ability to efficiently update price lists.

Warehouse management software for PrestaShop

One of the most popular solutions for building online stores is certainly PrestaShop platform. Its handling ease and modular structure make it applicable in every store, regardless of the industry. When looking for an inventory program to integrate with this platform, make sure that it provides many valuable tools.

Purchases registration

A system of this type should certainly register all orders and enable their implementation divided into stages. Issuing all the necessary documents is also very useful functionality in this case. The software should also generate invoices automatically.

Access to information about suppliers

A modern tool should offer the function of so-called supplier cards. A special database enables gathering such information as contact details or cooperation history. It is also useful to have access to the archive of messages exchanged with the provider, as well as to view the current price lists.

Automatic stock replenishment

Another useful functionality is when the software automatically creates order lists for products that have reached the minimum quantity. To improve the management of products, it is also useful to monitor incoming ones.

Which warehouse management software to choose

The basic task of each modern warehouse management software is to simplify the management of products and documents, as well as to accelerate the commercial service of customers. Before choosing the right solution, however, you should carefully consider what additional functionality may be needed. Here you should answer questions such as:

  • does the support of software cover only the warehouse or other different departments as well (maybe expansion is planned)?
  • will it be necessary to use the warehouse management software online or even from mobile devices?
  • is it necessary to integrate the entire system with the online store software?

Our software offers all these possibilities. Depending on your needs, you can:

  • integrate it with Magento, PrestaShop and IdoSell online stores;
  • integrate it with an account on Allegro, eBay or Amazon;
  • implement the system at a stationary point of sale;
  • use the warehouse management software from the application for mobile devices, both on Android and iOS.

Who should have a warehouse management software

Entrepreneurs running small online stores who keep products in their own homes are unlikely to need an extensive and specialised tool. It will not be needed also when the products are ordered on an ongoing basis, i.e. only after their purchase by the customer.

In other cases, the use of warehouse management software should be something natural. The fierce competition on the market means it is not enough just to offer good products at an affordable price. What counts here is the high flexibility of the company, efficient service and full availability of the offered products. Warehouse programs largely automate many business processes and thus streamline work.

What is included in the warehouse management software

The answer to this question is very simple. A good system provides tools that fully meet the needs of the business. The high-class system that we can offer will surely meet these expectations. Thanks to its modular structure, it is possible to configure the software tailored to individual needs in a very simple and quick way.

Keeping product files

The correct management of the warehouse means, first of all, constant control over the current stocks to prevent shortages. This is where the product file management tool works perfectly. It offers:

  • putting the name, photo, and prices of the product;
  • storage of internal product identifiers (SKU) and EAN or GTIN codes;
  • the ability to create separate categories for an item;
  • constant access to information on current stock levels;
  • possibility to track warehouse movements.

Additionally, the system is equipped with an algorithm that can effectively forecast supplies.
This significantly facilitates the planning of orders.

  • Intuitive document generating tool

    Record keeping is another important element of warehouse management. Our software is equipped with built-in generators of the most popular documents (GRN, CI, Internal Goods Transfer Note, Delivery Note, etc). However, nothing prevents you from creating your templates just in a few moments.

  • Faster and more accurate stocktaking

    Large companies often waste a lot of time and money carrying out periodic stocktaking. Using the warehouse management software significantly improves and simplifies this process. This can be done directly from the product list. Importantly, the stocktaking can be conducted both globally and partially. The products can be sorted easily, for example by category or their location.

  • Product localisation

    A very common problem that slows down order fulfilment is searching for products. The warehouse management software also comes in handy in this case. On the product card, you can enter a location, for example, hall number, shelf and rack designation.

  • Best warehouse management software 2020

    Our systems are constantly developed by a team of experienced developers. We have a clearly defined goal - constant adaptation to changing standards and customer needs. Many well-known and valued brands have trusted us so far. You also can join this prestigious group and see how much more a professional IT system can change in work planning.

  • More effective communication between the halls

    The products are not always stored in only one building. Moreover, these objects are often not located close to each other. Our software, therefore, includes a special tool for handling multiple warehouses. The system however is not distributed, which facilitates and accelerates the implementation of business tasks.

    Additionally, it is possible to integrate the system with the stock issue confirmation software that has already been used in the company. Our software enables quick valuation of products in stock on a specific day, as well as allows for issuing releases.

  • The most recommended warehouse management software

    Are you looking for modern methods that will not only facilitate your business but also contribute to increasing your competitiveness in the market? Our tools will surely meet your expectations. During our activity on the e-commerce market, we have been awarded by many well-known industry websites, including eHandel, or Marketer+. We are also proud of winning the most prestigious award in the e-commerce industry - EKOMERS 2017. We have been recognised in the field of solutions supporting e-business management.

    So you don't have to look any longer, because you have just found the software that will surely work in your business. Thanks to its modular form, you can easily adjust it to your needs and you will be able to use our solution.

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